All the PFD activities are funded by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and implemented by UNDP in the framework of the ‘The Slovak Republic-UNDP Partnership for Results in the International Development Cooperation Project’. Programme’s implementation (in three beneficiary countries: Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine) continues within the framework of this project and is planned until December 2019.

The objective of the programme is to enhance sound and effective public financial management by raising awareness, developing analytical capacities and sharing good practice with regard to reforms implemented in Slovakia and elsewhere. Activities include policy advice to government partners, capacity assessment, institutional development, training, small grants, workshops, study visits, and professional exchange schemes, etc. The selections of areas of cooperation, and the design of activities, are demand driven. These decisions are conducted in a participatory manner with programme beneficiaries. Aid effectiveness principles are followed.

Programme planned results:

Activity result 1 – Countries public finance needs and priorities identified, demand for technical assistance mapped, projects’ activities coordinated, monitored and evaluated.
Activity result 2 – Analytical capacities and skills in the area of public finance enhanced and strengthened (government beneficiaries).
Activity result 3 – Understanding and awareness of public finance concepts increased (non-government stakeholders).
Activity result 4 – Knowledge shared, information disseminated, and outreach improved.

Area of cooperation in Moldova:

Capacity building for program based budgeting – aims to support implementation of program budgeting across the public administration of Moldova and to create conditions for sustainable capacity development.

Areas of cooperation in Montenegro:

Macroeconomic and fiscal analysis and forecasting – aims to build capacities for and establish credible macro-fiscal forecasting function.

Improving public sector accounting and reporting systems – aims to support gradual transition to accrual accounting and reporting in accordance with IPSAS and ESA standards.

Strengthening capacities for public debt management – aims to strengthen the institutional framework and capacities for this function.