The Resource Mobilization Facility is a fund established to support pre-investment studies, such as feasibility studies, sectoral analyses, financing models, etc. for future investment projects under the auspices of the UNDP Country Offices. So far, a number of projects have been supported in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Moldova, Montenegro and North Macedonia, especially in the fields of energy efficiency, waste management and others.

In 2024, RMF has partnered with the City Experiment Fund, which seeks innovative solutions for cities and municipalities, to design a token system in one or few cities which participates on CEF, in the context of promoting eco-conscious conduct in urban environments. 

Implemented by City Experimental Fund, UNDP IRH

The cities of Skopje, Pristina, Podgorica and others in the region face significant environmental challenges, including those related to waste management, energy consumption, and overall sustainable urban living. The project Green Tokens emerges as one of the responses to those challenges, introducing an innovative reward-based token system to incentivize eco-conscious behavior among residents and businesses.

In the context of promoting eco-conscious conduct in urban environment, the project will develop a tailored made urban token system for above mentioned cities. These systems will be implemented in partnership with a municipalities as part of the City Experiment Fund’s portfolios. By integrating digital innovation with environmental advocacy, the project seeks to demonstrate the viability of reward-based systems in promoting environmental-friendly practices and also provide a scalable and replicable model for similar initiatives in other urban areas.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Interactive Solar Atlas
  • Photovoltaics for Water Utility Companies
  • Maglaj – Peace Bridge
  • Investment Model for Energy-Saving Public Lighting


  • Energy Efficiency of Ministry of Defense Infrastructure


  • Just Transition – Pljevlja – Decarbonisation
  • Extended Producer Responsibility information system 
  • Development of Solar Energy
  • Design of Photovoltaic Power Plants for 4 Locations
  • Public Lighting as a Way to Cut Energy Costa

North Macedonia

  • Model of e-Municipality
  • Digitalisation of municipal services 
  • Organic Waste in Green Economy
  • Irrigation Improvement in Bregalnica River Basin


  • Energy Efficiency Improvement of Government Building
  • Public LoRaWAN Network in Kragujevac
  • Energy Efficiency of Ministry of Education Infrastructure
  • Biomass to Biogas
  • Model for the Construction of a Biomass Plant


So far, no projects have been implemented in Ukraine through the private sector support program.