Strengthening capacities of CALM in the area of public finance

Mapping needs and identification of potential non-government recipients of the assistance took place in Moldova within the Public Finance for Development programme in 2012 and 2013. The Congress of Local Public Authorities of Moldova (CALM) has been identified as a potential beneficiary of assistance under Activity Result 3, supported also by the fact that the local public finance reform is getting prominence in the government reform agenda in Moldova.

The Project objective (“Micro-Capital Grant: Strengthening capacities of the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova in the area of public finance” as a part of ‘Slovak Republic – UNDP Partnership for Results in the International Development Cooperation’) is to strengthen institutional capacities of CALM in the area of local public finance, primarily through sharing experience with ZMOS and AKE SR and via on-the-job learning. Empowered CALM is expected to contribute to knowledge dissemination to local authorities of Moldova and to advocate for policies and reform initiatives in local public finance.

Capacity development activities will be delivered via sharing transition knowledge and experience of Slovakia, specifically through partnership with ZMOS – Združenie miest a obcí Slovenska (Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia) and AKE SR – Asociácia komunálnych ekonómov SR (Association of Municipal Finance Officers of The Slovak Republic). AKE SR will be taking part in the events, utilizing services of ZMOS experts, while ZMOS will be providing essential support.

The project objective will be achieved through implementation of the following specific activities:

Defining CALM services in local public finance;

Institutional strengthening of CALM secretariat;

Advocacy and knowledge dissemination.

Expected results:

CALM established as a service provider to local public authorities in the area of public finance;

CALM’s capacity increased to disseminate knowledge of local public finance to local authorities and stakeholders via consulting services and other capacity building activities (trainings, seminars);

CALM is better able to function as an equal partner in the dialogue with the Government on specific public finance issues.

Expected timing: September 2015 – May 2016