Workshop on Designing the future of knowledge sharing in Istanbul

At the end of November High-Level Workshop “Designing the future of knowledge sharing and ensuring knowledge continuity” will take place in Istanbul, Turkey. The Workshop will focus on critically reflecting on existing knowledge sharing mechanisms used by emerging and established donors in the Europe and CIS region and their evolution in recent years.

The Workshop will also serve to evaluate the Capacity Building Series and identify the future capacity needs of donors on their way to provide more effective development assistance and share transition knowledge.


For the first time during the Capacity Building Series, recipient/partner countries will join the new donors in dialogue and knowledge fair settings, which will provide an opportunity to perform a reality check of development assistance on the ground.

A special session will be organized in partnership with the leading UK-based think tank working on development and humanitarian issues – the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). In addition, the participants will take part in the introductory training (pre-event) on knowledge management combined with a practical discussion on ensuring knowledge continuity in an environment of high staff turnover. The easy-to-use IT solution for managing a database of national experts, called the “Expertise Locator”, will also be presented and discussions on using and fine-tuning of the platform will be conducted. Finally, interested participants will share their skills and expertise by leading hands-on learning sessions based on the demand from their peers. Dedicated skills demand-supply questionnaire will be circulated beforehand to select the most relevant topics and gauge interest in this type of peer-to-peer learning.

Expected outcomes:

Critically reflect on existing knowledge sharing mechanisms of the participating countries and obtain a perspective from the recipient side;

Identify further capacity building needs and an appropriate course of action to address them (including areas of further support by UNDP)

  • Strengthen cooperation and dialogue among emerging donors and recipients through peer-to-peer learning and networking.