The first gathering of CEF donors and partners in Ljubljana

Annual meeting of the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) Advisory Board that comprises of CEF’s partner institutions providing support and guidance to the CEF program will be held on December 8, 2015 in Ljubljana. Our PFD programme will be presented there too.

The objective of the Advisory Board meeting is to exchange views on trends and capacity development needs in public financial management (PFM), revenue administration and central banking among CEF partner institutions and the CEF staff; explore how partner institutions can leverage the CEF’s mandate; and network, build and strengthen cooperation among the meeting participants.

PFD na vyrocnom boarde CEF 2015

The specific goals of the 2015 AB Meeting are to: Present the CEF Learning program 2016-2020 and learning packages to support reform goals and needs of the CEF constituency; Present the constituencies’ applied values from CEF training events and their needs in 2016 and onwards; Discuss funding opportunities and approaches towards Public Finance Management, Tax Policy and Administration, Leadership and Central Banking training implementation (in the light of progress of SEE candidates’ EU integration, new technologies, new geographic area, and so forth); Present and discuss CEF Advisory Board Guidelines. More information on CEF website.