PFD Programme – Slovakia’s positive footprint in transition countries

Among the main Activities of PFD Programme are listed: policy advice to governmental partners; capacity assessment; institutional development; small grants schemes; trainings, workshops; study visits etc. in three partner countries (Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine). Few months ago the PFD programme’s presentation and contribution to the booklet from International conference “Development and Democracy” was prepared and published.

Public finance reform is widely regarded as one of the most successful areas in Slovakia’s economic transition. Since 2009, the UNDP for Europe and CIS has been implementing the regional Programme: ‘Public Finance for Development (PFD). It has been extended several times after the reviewing the positive feedback on the activities, discussing M&E results and assessing the needs of from the partner countries. The project is now a partnership development initiative of the MF SR and UNDP. Slovak experts from MF SR contribute with lessons learned from the economic and social transformation, the reforms, institutions’ building and democratization process. UNDP offers well established network of offices, well working implementation mechanism and a team of independent experts. According to both institutions, reforming process must be designed carefully, suit local conditions and capacity and it must be implemented gradually.

PFD programme is exclusively funded by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (MF SR). In October 2016 the participants of the International conference “Development and Democracy” could learn more about the PFD programme’s activities (published paper from the booklet can be found here).

It’s a pleasure to announce that in December 2016 new New Program document was signed by the MF SR and UNDP representatives and therefore the PFD programme will continue until the end of year 2019 under the new name Public and Private Finance for Development.