Visualization of municipal finances in Montenegro

New website launched in November 2020 is part of a Public Finance for Development project.

Montenegro is in the process of improving transparency and accountability in public finance management, and the creation of the “Visualization of local finances in Montenegro” website has been a significant step forward in these efforts. Data on public finances at a local level are now available in well-arranged and easy to understand figures, along with graphic charts. An overview representation contains data for all 24 municipalities of Montenegro. Anyone can now review accumulated data for all municipalities or compare municipalities against each other.


Basic information on the new website

Content: general information, revenues, expenditures, arrears and debt of all local self-governments

Data source: annual municipal reports provided to the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro

Period covered: 2009 – present

Languages: both Montenegrin and English

Besides having a general overview of Montenegrin self-governments and their finances, website visitors can get acquainted with legal framework governing the municipalities´ funding, and find useful contact details for each of the municipalities as well as links to relevant institutions.


Slovak knowledge sharing

Under the Public Finance for Development Programme, the Slovak Ministry of Finance started its engagement in Montenegro in February 2010. Slovakia assists with improving the public sector accounting and reporting systems, and public finance management on the local level. The website creation falls within the scope of the “Strengthening Transparent and Accountable Public Finance Management in Montenegro” project, supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, and implemented by the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro and UNDP.