About public administration reform at the conference in Ukraine

At the beginning of February, an international conference “Skutočne spoločne 2.0: The development of Ukrainian civil society with the help of the Slovak Republic” took place in Uzhgorod. Development of civil society, the challenges of decentralization, the opportunities for development cooperation between Slovakia and Ukraine, as well as the Slovak experience from public administration reform were the main topics of the conference.

Approximately 40 participants from Slovakia and Ukraine discussed about the development of civil society, public administration reform and Slovak examples of these processes in Uzhgorod. During two panel discussions the representatives of state administration and local government, as well as NGOs’ young leaders introduced their views on: an involvement to the reform process of their country, an urgency of Ukraine to participate in joint programs with neighboring countries and Slovakia’s readiness to cooperate in Ukraine.

The conference was organized by Carpathian Foundation with the support of the Ministry of foreign and European affairs of the Slovak republic, co-financed by SlovakAid. The representatives of these institutions were present at the conference and presented their contributions about the opportunities for development cooperation between Slovakia and Ukraine during the discussion. Source: SlovakAid