CEF celebrates the Month of Montenegro in March

The employees of Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) promotes Montenegro in March at their premises in Ljubljana, as the fourth constituency country under the initiative of the CEF monthly country presentations.

They are marking the month of Montenegro in their renewed lobby with various promotion materials about cultural heritage, history and landscape of this country that CEF kindly received from the Embassy of Montenegro in Ljubljana. Brochures and photos are exhibited in the Montenegrin corner in the lobby, with videos presenting various cities rolling in the back for entire month.

The facilitators from CEF will present Montenegrin culture to participants of learning events and give them as well an opportunity to share their experiences connected with Montenegro. It’s definitely a good initiative that enables colleagues from other countries of this region to get new information about this country. It also enables beneficiaries a platform for networking and sharing regional experience.

You can read many interesting facts about Montenegro on CEF website.