The partnership between MF SR, UNDP and CEF will continue in 2016

A partnership initiative between MF SR, UNDP and Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) was launched in 2015 and it will continue in 2016 through delivery of the Public Accountants’ Certification programme by CEF in cooperation with CIPFA.

Cooperation between MF SR, UNDP and Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) was initiated in the framework of the Public Finance for Development programme funded by the Slovak Ministry of Finance and implemented by the UNDP Regional Hub for Europe and the CIS. Starting from providing contributions to participation of programme recipients in CEF trainings, it moved to a more systematic cooperation to strengthen public accounting practices of government and professional community in Montenegro.

Programme Manager of Public Finance for Development (PFD) programme – Alena Šranková said: “We believe that joining efforts with Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) will support achievement of broader impact of UNDP and the Slovak Ministry of Finance project on capacity development in public sector accounting and reporting in Montenegro. Knowledge sharing, networking and sustainable capacity building are our shared goals in the project implementation and the main factors that will drive cooperation with CEF in the future.”

In 2015, the project preparatory phase included translation of the materials for the Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT), selection and training of tutors, selection of students, evaluation of current legislative status of public accountants, and establishment of public sector working group that will support localization of the training program and its sustainability in Montenegro.

This year in the second phase CEF will start with the delivery of training program for up to 40 public sector accountants. Training of students will be conducted in 3 modules: two international modules (on financial accounting and management accounting – developed by the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy: CIPFA) and the third national module (on local legislation and taxation – developed by experts from MF Montenegro).