“Emerging superstar with wild beauty” calls for investors

There are several attributes multiplying attractiveness of this Western Balkan economy. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council Montenegro is the fastest growing travel and tourism economy in the world for the next ten years. Economic growth (4.8 percent in 2018) is supported by favourable tax climate, stable government and successful integration efforts.

The Ministry of Economy of Montenegro aims to further improve competitiveness of the economy by offering investment incentives across all sectors. Deadline for submission of applications to open calls is September 30, 2019 (http://www.mek.gov.me/program_za_unapredjenje/podsticaj_investicija/). The total budget for the implementation of the program line for incentives for direct investments amounts to 1,050,000.00 €. Minimum value of the new investments should be 250,000 €.

Capital city of Podgorica lies at the centre point of Montenegro´s investments efforts. The city represents 10.4% of the territory of Montenegro and about 30% of its population. For easier access to business opportunities the city established a one stop support centre designed to improve business environment in the capital and further stimulate growth with the entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the city simplified the administrative procedure for potential investors into four simple steps until a contract is signed. This includes 7-day express deadline for replying to letters of intent.

The city offers numerous investment opportunities including smart solutions and green energy projects. Free smart city study can be downloaded here. The city development will include creation of a new business zone by connecting the latest available technologies and thus proving to the world that Podgorica can be a great place to live and work. Montenegro was the first state in the world to anchor its ecological orientation in the Constitution. Pursuant to this, the city of Podgorica envisages to create 100% eco holiday resort that would have 0% emission of CO2 with 0% impact to the environment and would completely produce all eco products from natural sources in order to service the facilities within the complex.


For more information go to www.investinpodgorica.com or email at invest@podgorica.me.