Slovak company piloted smart lighting installation in Grad Živinice

More and more cities are moving from traditional street lighting to intelligent lighting. Steps are being taken in various parts of the world to reduce energy consumption, including improving street-side energy efficiency.

Road lighting is one of the basic components of urban infrastructure, the mission of which is to illuminate city streets and settlements outside the city at night. Previously, light bulbs were relatively simple, but with globalization and urbanization, the number of bulbs has increased, and problems have been solved by intelligent street lighting.

Based on agreement with UNDP and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, the City of Živinice will develop a program that will use the full intelligent lighting in the city center. Živinice also participated in the Intelligent Cities project last year.

As part of this project, the town of Živinice received a pilot project through which 10 intelligent streetlamps were installed on Toplica Street and the first device for charging electric cars was introduced as part of the Živinice project.

The project was realized by consortium of Slovak companies in the field of smart lighting represented by Weledu company (also serving as project preparation company). Focusing on lowest total cost of ownership enables the company to deliver streetlighting luminaires with 10 years warranty and 100000 hours of lifetime and to not only save money on energy but to also significantly reduce costs of maintenance of street lighting.

The company is actively searching and pursuing business opportunities in modernization of interior and exterior lighting in Balkan countries namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Working with local partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina they approach private and municipal customers to open discussion on smart energy with intention to lower energy consumption by modernizing their current luminaires to LED and to reduce the need to buy more energy by locally producing energy using photovoltaic rooftop solutions.

In order to show the municipalities, the award winning and In order to show the municipalities, the award winning and patented SEAK smart streetlighting solution they approached the municipality of Živinice and working very closely with local authorities they installed the first mentioned pilot project of smart lighting solution in Bosnia. The smart lighting management system powers currently more than 600000 light points around the globe. Besides of already saving more than 50% of energy costs by changing to LED, they are now working together in setup and finetuning stage to adjust and smart manage the system to achieve even better results while keeping and improving the lighting.