Improving Public Officials’ Capacities: MF SR and CEF

One of the main objectives ofthe Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic´s (MF SR) development cooperationis sound public finance management and good governance in partner countries. The MF SR, interested in knowledge exchange and facilitation of technical assistance in public financial management, decided to partner with the Center of Excellence in Finance. The CEF is an international organization based in Ljubljana, Slovenia with a mission to support capacity development for public finance officials in South East Europe. 

Current activities

The partnership between the MF SR and the CEF dates back to 2010. During the ten years of cooperation, the MF SR has contributed to the implementation of several PFM capacity building activities in the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries. The collaboration is based on both long-term bilateral projects and common learning initiatives for partner countries. The activities complement the MF SR’s, and CEF’s, programs with other development partners, such as the UNDP or the EU. The results achieved build on the Slovak experience and expertise in public financial management and development cooperation. During the last three years, the CEF engaged twenty-two Slovak experts for various learning & knowledge management activities.

The ministry’s joint flagship project supported the Public Accountants Certification Training in Montenegro. Since 2020the MF SR has also co-financed the participation of Moldovan officials in the EU fiscal implications of structural reforms project, which is still being implemented by the CEF.

@CEFThe partnership provides the Slovak consultants with opportunity to transfer their knowledge and experience. At the same time, it is a learning experience for them. This happens through: 

  • specialized presentations, content preparation for learning activities, recommendations drafts, and sharing lessons learned  
  • strategical and expert discussions
  • contribution to CEF knowledge management 
  • observation of knowledge & information management trends and processes of international development cooperation 
Panel discussion with experts on Montenegrin accounting reform

Panel discussion with experts on Montenegrin accounting reform

The MF SR is also a member of the Advisory Board and the Governing Board of the CEF (2018 – onward). Learn more about the MF SR cooperation with the CEF here.