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PFD Programme – Slovakia’s positive footprint in transition countries

Among the main Activities of PFD Programme are listed: policy advice to governmental partners; capacity assessment; institutional development; small grants schemes; trainings, workshops; study visits etc. in three partner countries (Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine). Few months ago the PFD programme’s presentation and contribution to the booklet from International conference “Development and Democracy” was prepared and published.

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Innovation in Development: the ideas that could work

Development organizations and governments around the world are trying to find ways to do business differently and introduce more effective, efficient and agile solutions and bottom-up approaches to today’s developmental challenges. The MF Slovakia roundtable speakers discussed new technologies and alternative finance models during International conference “Development and Democracy” in Bratislava.

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Funded by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic and implemented by UNDP in the framework of the project ‘Public and Private Finance for Development’.